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NYC Construction Accidents

Have you ever stood in the customer service line at Wal-Mart and seen the bulletin board full of recalled products? This is typically a company’s way of trying to avoid product liability cases. If you’ve been injured due to a defective product or a manufacturer’s negligence in warning about potential dangers, our NYC product liability attorneys may be able to help you receive compensation.

NYC Construction Worker Injuries

If you’re a construction worker who has been injured on the job, you might have some trouble filing a personal injury case. This is because workers’ compensation is meant to cover your losses and avoid lawsuits. In certain situations, though, you may be able to get more than just workers’ comp.

Subcontractor Negligence

If someone that doesn’t work for your company causes your injury, such as a subcontractor, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against that person or their employer. Having subcontractors onsite is a common theme, so this could very well be relevant.


Defective Work Equipment

Product liability cases are completely separate from workers’ compensation requests. If you were injured due to a defective piece of work equipment, you may be able to get compensation from the retailer, distributor or manufacturer of the product.

Intentional Negligence

There aren’t many instances when a construction worker can sue their employer over an injury, but if the accident was due to intentional negligence, the courts may allow it. These instances are usually in relation to intentional OSHA violations.

Non-Employee Construction Worker Injuries

New York City is packed, so when construction is taking place, it’s not as if cordoning off entire blocks is common. Unfortunately, this means regular citizens and passersby face many of the same dangers as construction workers. This typically falls into the area of premises liability.

Between 2010 and 2015, 59 people were struck when debris fell down from NYC construction sites. The scariest part is that 27 percent of these incidents occurred during a single eight-month period in 2014. Collapsing sidewalk sheds and windblown fences are also common causes of injury. Regardless of the cause, you need a construction accident attorney immediately if you’ve been injured.


NYC Construction Accident Attorneys

Unlike other areas of personal injury, most people know that there are inherent risks to being at or around construction sites. Considering how common it is to see these sites around New York, though, most of us don’t give them a second thought. Unfortunately, serious injuries are typically the result when these accidents do occur. If you've been injured at a worksite, contact the construction accident attorneys at Fisher Stone for a free case evaluation today.

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