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Trump Immigration: Foreign Entrepreneurs Dreams Crushed

It seems as though everything President Trump has been doing recently comes along with its own lot of controversy and criticism. Most recently, in a move that has many people frustrated, the Trump administration has put a hold on one of President Obama’s final decisions he made in his last few days in office. Widely seen as uncontroversial and extremely beneficial for American innovation and economic growth, the International Entrepreneur rule was to take effect as of July 17th, 2017. However, with that date approaching, the Department of Homeland Security along with the Trump administration announced Monday that the implementation of the rule will be delayed until March 14th, 2018 and is even being considered to be rescinded entirely.

The International Entrepreneur rule (Immigration Poicy) would’ve allowed foreign entrepreneurs a 30 month stay to build and grow their businesses in the U.S. Since the rule calls for high qualifications for applicants, it would’ve brought extremely talented individuals into the US to not only grow their companies, but also to grow the American economy by creating jobs for millions of people. But perhaps this isn’t the means of growth Trump wanted to see for his brazen ‘buy American, hire American’ campaign promise. Maybe having foreign entrepreneurs start their foreign companies wasn’t an “American” enough option to solve the unemployment in this country.

At a time when every other country in the world is working it’s hardest to appeal, and attract top talent to come in, America is doing the exact opposite and pushing top talent out. Trump’s string of anti-immigration policies has sent a brutal message making many individuals rethink their dreams of one day coming to America or even just investing in US businesses as a foreigner. Luckily, with many American industries still dominating throughout the world, the appeal to come to the U.S won’t go away anytime soon. But beware, many other countries are catching up and are becoming an increasingly viable option for the young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Written by Gregory Stone on 07/13/2017:

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